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Atria chose Hivacon news

Hivacon System Oy has been selected as the supplier of the vacuum conveying system for the largest single investment in the history of the food industry giant Atria – the expansion of the Nurmo production plant with a total value of approximately EUR 155 million. The investment in the new poultry unit includes the construction of butchery, cutting and packaging processes.

In the new production unit, which will be completed in 2024, Hivacon (Hygienic Vacuum Conveying) vacuum technology will be used to transport by-products of the production line. The materials are collected, transported and weighed for further processing. The production of the new unit will include over 50 collection funnels designed for the collection of materials, which will lead to a multi-kilometer-long pipeline network to be built in the factory’s ceiling. The materials collected along the piping end up in the material separation units with a strong air flow. The system delivery also includes Hivacon System Oy’s own automated CIP washing solution for efficient cleaning of equipment and piping.

The construction project is a unique and major investment in the production of Finnish poultry meat. The aim of the new plant is to meet the growing consumption of poultry meat and strengthen Atria’s position as the market leader in poultry products. With the project, Atria Finland’s poultry production capacity will increase by about 40 percent. It also provides opportunities to increase exports of poultry products.

Thorough planning and resourcing, carefully selected suppliers and subcontractors, and the ability to respond to changing needs between different phases are important in the controlled implementation of a major project. “We now have highly skilled partners available for different areas. The starting point is that the implementation will be a competitive advantage for Atria for years to come.” says Reijo Äijö, Atria Finland’s technical director and project manager.

Jouni Kähkönen, the founder and CEO of Hivacon systems Oy, says that the cooperation agreement is big in scale and very important to Hivacon: “The scope of delivery is very significant for both the company and Hivacon’s product brand. According to current information, the delivered system will be the largest in Europe and also one of the largest single deliveries of vacuum conveying systems in the world. The exact value of the contract cannot be revealed, but it’s worth millions of euros. In the next few years, we have delivered all the systems that were in the tender in the Finnish food industry, and with this acquisition, Hivacon Systems Oy can be called the market leader in its home country.”

Finding the optimal solution was a rather long process, and Kähkönen is looking forward to working closely with an innovative and knowledgeable customer. “Let’s take a quick look at the advantages of Hivacon. The energy consumption of our equipment is extremely optimized and very low compared to the traditional methods for example. Another advantage of the system is that it, outside of some exceptional cases, does not need any added water. It can be said that Hivacon is an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution. Related to daily sanitation, our customer significantly benefits from the fact that the Hivacon CIP washing process can be performed without disassembling the system or making significant changes compared to the operating mode. We have also discussed about a new innovation (patent application filed) that would reduce the workload of the busy night shift.”

It’s said that hard work pays off, but just as important are skilled and reliable partners who play a key role these days. I would like to thank Atria crew for their trust in both ourselves and our supply chain. It has been a unique opportunity to get involved in this project, and it is an honor to be one of the suppliers of a large Finnish food producer.” Kähkönen sums up with confidence.

Hivacon Systems Oy is a Finnish technology company that develops and delivers vacuum conveying systems and other automation solutions that are tailored to customers’ needs. The team of this internationally operating company has a long experience in the design and installation of various automation systems. In addition to the food industry, Hivacon’s business area also includes products and project management for water treatment and other industries. Hivacon team solves problems in a customer-oriented manner, and delivers systems on a turnkey basis. The company’s values are clean and high-quality food, a safe working environment, sustainable development and energy efficiency.

Atria is one of the leading food companies in Northern Europe. In addition to the domestic market, Atria has extensive export operations. The Group has a turnover of more than EUR 1.5 billion and employs an average of 4,440 people. Atria’s operations are divided into three business areas, which are Atria Finland, Atria Sweden and Atria Denmark & Estonia. Atria Finland develops and manufactures, markets and sells fresh meat and other food products and related services. The meat of the Atria brand is 100% Finnish origin.

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