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Hivacon Vacuum conveying systems are designed for food industry use, these solutions fill the requirements of the food processing industry for collecting and transporting wide range of materials like waste and edible by-products. With our hygienic vacuum solutions transported by-products can be used for into human and animal consumption. Explore more about our solution

We are specialized tayloring customer-oriented automation solutions, we mainly produce our equipment ourselves in Finland. We serve our customers from design to implementation, we want to provide high-class quality turnkey solutions that enhance our customers’ core of business values

Hivacon Systems oy is a Finnish technology development company. Hivacon systems Oy team itself has over ten years of experience in various automation systems and their delivery to the world. We have been involved in the delivery of more than 25 vacuum conveying systems internationally, challenging environments with a proven success record. Together with our network, we achieve the best results. Our strengths: flexibility and light cost structure guarantee the activities with which we challenge well-known companies. We want to improve the problems of internal logistics, cherish the values ​​that are important to us, which are clean, good quality food, employee safety and energy saving.

Hivacon Systems Oy is automation system supplier and management service company
which specializes in the delivery of vacuum systems and project management.


Hivacon - we make material flow

Kalaneuvos Oy’s fish processing factory in Finland Sastamala is expanding its operations and more than doubling its production facilities. The extension to be built is the largest in the history of Kalaneuvos.

Hivacon - we make material flow

Apetit Oyj ja Hivacon Systems Oy ovat solmineet sopimuksen alipaineimusiirto järjestelmän laajennuksen toimittamisesta! Kiitämme yrityksen toiminnalle tärkeästä tilauksesta ja luottamuksesta nyt koronavirus kriisin aikana!

Hivacon - we make material flow

GREENFOOD GROUP Salico Oy on valinnut Hivacon Systems Oy:n kumppanikseen laajentaessaan toimintojaan Helsingin toimipisteessä. Iso kiitos luottamuksesta.

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